Thursday, July 15, 2010

WiMax to Japan side length

When the U.S. mobile communications company Sprint Corporation (Sprint) recently announced plans to launch in Boston and other three cities when WiMax services, Ericsson (Ericsson) but reverse the line, publicly closed the WiMax R & D center, switching and competitive WCDMA WiMax wireless technology. Ericsson's "lack of market demand," the reason is that the status of the U.S. WiMax market precarious realism.

Recently in the background, research institutions, telecom consultancy Analysys International and the U.S. IT market research firm Yankee Group (Yankee Group) jointly introduced the WiMAX World Conference in China, Analysys International also made an interesting analysis: WiMAX development, the main contributing factor is the growth of mobile data users, particularly in low income and educational background in higher user growth.

In fact, rule out the individual user level because of cultural and economic development with the United States is different from the needs of enterprise customers for WiMax in the United States the difference between the basic convergence: on the one hand is the temptation - in the roof On a receiver, enterprises equivalent to have a flexible broadband access "channel", without laying expensive fiber optic cable; the other hand, business users have to this temptation and a nascent disruptive technology to the enterprise of "insecurity," trade-off between .

Uncertain future

As a disruptive technology, WiMax advantage of self-evident: beyond the wired network access speeds, compared to Wi-Fi, its coverage is also more - much to the range of several tens of kilometers around the base station. However, IT staff need more is a need to worry about technology. In an interview with "InformationWeek" interview, mobile storage manufacturer ATP, director of the company's IT system, Robert 鈥?Neil (Robert Neill) said: "What we need is through a single account and network operators a steady connection, which requires different technology among operators how to better cooperate in providing mobile phone or BlackBerry as it is now the service. "

In addition, different from ordinary consumers, enterprises are interested in wireless broadband access in addition to "ubiquitous coverage", "high speed" and "cheap", there are more pressing question: When can access the service ? After all, broadband network services, whether it is born out of the mobile operator's data services, or as a wireless extension of Internet IP WiMax, are the government, operators, equipment suppliers top-down support. These, in China are not very clear, even if there are two serious telecommunications and IT research firm in Beijing keen to guide and publicity.

"Dream" into reality according to

Ambiguous attitude toward the parties and under debate, WiMax initial and key players in the Intel Corporation (Intel) continue to push forward the development of the technology, but this time than before, obviously a lot more realistic. Intel Developer Forum in the most recent information (IDF) said, in the upcoming code-named "Montevina" mobile processor provide the first integrated Wi-Fi/WiMax features that make Wi-Fi, WiMax complement allow users to move quickly to retain high-definition video and download large data files possible.

Intel's intent is: the "Centrino" chip successfully copied to the WiMax body - in a short time so that mobile equipment vendors supporting the product, and then to other attitude "ambiguous," the parties to better support the reason.

Intel, as the most upstream suppliers is so unshaken, or because the user has actually long been on the wireless applications and "everywhere" concept of moving the heart. WiMax Summit in Beijing, the first day of the two Yankee Group analyst described in detail in the WiMax platform, how will the user experience in the subversion of the individual, and gradually infiltrated into enterprise applications, thereby automatically achieve "ubiquitous enterprise applications "(Anywhere Enterprise).

In the fixed WiMax, some American businesses have started using TowerStream offers WiMax-based broadband, as broadband backup or alternative to T1. According to "InformationWeek" report, TowerStream provided is based on fixed WiMax (Fixed WiMax) on IP-based voice technology (VoIP), the service covers Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and other large cities. In addition, once the darling of WiMax, Sprint, now is the ClearWire companies than medium-sized cities and in a number of WiMax wireless broadband service related.

Wireless WiMax in the applications, the technology embodied as an extension of fixed and Wi-Fi high value. "InformationWeek" the report said Japan's Okinawa islands began to use Alvarion's WiMax technology to cover Tokashiki Island (Tokashiki), Zamami Island (Zamami Island) and Aka Island (Aka) and so on. As the typhoon in Okinawa often "walk" the channel, and the local not only scattered islands, but also have hilly terrain, fixed-line broadband has already been proved impossible to implement. WiMax becomes the only possibility.

"Gold mine" is hard to dig

In the Chinese market, the voices against WiMax is not small. Market research firm In-Stat analyst with Li Minti some negative point of view: the user difficult to distinguish between WiMax and cellular networks, the distinction should be obscured from the difference between technologies is not very easy, will worsen the user experience; In addition, for mobile operators, while WiMax can match the third-generation mobile communication technology (3G), but operating a cellular network is a great project, with such a WiMAX network, operators will result in resources decentralized, domestic and foreign carriers operating two networks in the two networks rarely have success.

Indeed, not ClearWire company operating two networks such as start-ups can only large carriers such as Sprint, with 5,300 million existing users, all over the base station, a lot of cash and good relations with vendors, and even start and Intel other firms to establish the underlying R & D cooperation, to try to have emboldened the gold mining WiMax.


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